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Being Rolemar the Authorized Mares S. p. A. distributor for Panama, Costa Rica and Colombia, all sold products are covered by Mares Guarantee terms and conditions.

For your information here Mares quote:

MARES guarantees, to the original purchase only, that a MARES Product purchased from any Authorized MARES Dealer worldwide will be free of defects in material or workmanship under normal recreational scuba use. All Authorized MARES dealers are listed on
The MARES Product warranty may differ for each piece of equipment and may differ by model year. Usually it is limited to a period of 2 years from the date of consumer’s purchase of the Product (“Warranty Period”) unless otherwise specified. For some categories and countries extended warranty policies not described herein may be applicable (e.g. for regulators, computers). Warranty claims are only accepted upon return of the defect Product with the warranty certificate duly signed by the Authorized MARES dealer, and accompanied by a copy of the original sales receipt showing the date of purchase.

How to submit warranty claims under the MARES warranty program?

Warranty claims have to be submitted to the Authorized MARES Dealer where the Product was purchased. If the Product had been purchased within the Warranty Period, as evidenced by the documentation requested above, and proves to be defective for any reason (other than those listed in the limitations) MARES will repair or replace the defect Product at its own discretion at no charge. MARES reserves the right to replace the claimed Product with a similar product of comparable value in case of unavailability of the defect Product.
In case the MARES Product was purchased abroad the regional MARES distributor of your home country will render the respective warranty service (pls. refer to MARES distributors on Please note that the regional MARES distributor is entitled to charge handling fees and all other freight and duty expenses related to a warranty claim for purchases made abroad. MARES will refuse warranty service if the Product was purchased abroad via the Internet or NOT purchased from an Authorized MARES dealer as listed on

Defects not covered by the MARES warranty program

Only defects or damages resulting from a failure in material or workmanship are covered by the MARES Warranty program. Other defects or damages, in particular those listed below, are not covered by our warranty:
• Defects or damages caused by normal wear and tear
• Defects or damages caused by heavy, unusual, or incorrect use, or use under abnormal conditions (blows, jerks, falls, bumps, etc.)
• Defects or damages caused by lack of or incorrect maintenance or by negligence
• Defects or damages known or evident at the time of purchase of the Product
• Defects or damages caused by cleaning materials or other substances containing aggressive chemicals (solvents, surfactants, aggressive cleansers, etc.)
• Defects or damages resulting from alterations and changes made to the Products
• Defects or damages caused by improper assembly of the components
• Defects or damages caused by failure to observe the Product information
• Defects or damages caused by prolonged use of the Product in chlorinated or polluted water
• Defects or damages caused by exposing the Product to excessive temperatures or extended sunlight
• Defects or damages of all overhaul parts (for example o-rings, filters, diaphragms, light bulbs, batteries, rubber parts, silicone parts, latex, neoprene, zips, etc.)

MARES will not pay any compensation for any inconveniences which might be caused by the inability to use the Product or for any potential expenses incurred while the Product is being repaired or replaced.
If any of the terms of this Warranty are found to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, then such term shall continue in effect only to the extent that it remains valid and all other terms of the Warranty shall remain valid and enforceable.